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HAIIII, I'm Melanie. Dancing is where it's at. It's a lifestyle and I love ittt <333. I'm loud, obnoxioius, and crazy. I'm not shy at all, I actually like meeting new people. I tell the truth even if it hurts and I get mistaken for being rude. I can keep secrets and I'm loyal. I'm straight but I fully support gay rights. I love mermaids, Pokemon, Harry Potter, animals, 90's shit, and Tom Felton to name a few things. I hate immature, disrespectful, rude people. GET. TO. KNOW. ME.


If Do You Hear The People Sing doesn’t fill you with righteous revolutionary fervor, then I don’t know what you’re doing wrong. 

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*purposely drop something in front of my crush*


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he asked for a blowjob and i blew him away with the word of the lord

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